OPEN 18:30 - 3:00 All year round

    No.46, Chikan E. St., West central Dist., Tainan City


  • MENU


    Fresh lemon sour

    Fresh lemon sour 150

    Lemon & Alcohol double +30



    Jim beam bourbon soda 140

    Kaku whisky soda 140

    Akadama red wine sangria 150

    Plum wine soda 150

    ROKU GIN soda 180

    Calpis sour with sake 150


    Draft BEER

    SAPPORO 130



    Green apple soda 120

    Yogurt soda 120



    Oolong HI 140

    Oolong tea 100

    Skewers (2skewers)


    Chicken leg 60 (Yakitori)

    Chicken skin 50

    Chicken heart 50

    Chicken heart adopter 40

    Chicken liver 50

    Chicken gizzard 50

    Chicken breast 50

    Chicken soft bone 60

    Chicken neck 90


    Pork belly 80

    Pork big intestine 40

    Pork small intestine 50

    Pork leg 60

    Pork neck 70



    Beef short rib 80

    Beef tongue 90

    Beef meatloaf 90



    Capelin fish 40

    Silver fishes 50

    Shrimps 60

    Squid 60

    Scallops 60

    Signautured dish

    Japanese style appetizers

    Green okra salad 50

    Marinaded salad 70

    Cold tofu - traditional style 40

    Cold tofu - spicy style 50

    Roasted Edamame 90

    UCHIYAMA-san's today's something ASK

    Non-oil french fries 80

    Kramucho 50

    Instant noodle to eat directly 40

    Instant noodle with hot water 50


    Beer Garden Chicken

    Beer garden chicken - tomato sauce 290

    Beer garden chicken - tartar sauce 290

    Beer garden chicken - spicy sauce 290

  • Contact us

    No.46, Chikan E. St., West Central Dist., Tainan City, 700
    18:30 - 3:00 (All year round)
  • FAQ

    Have English/Japanese menu ?

    Sure. We have English/Japanese/Chinese menu. Please don't be afraid.

    Accept credit card ?

    Sure. VISA/JCB/Master, all available.

    Bring own alcohol ?

    We can accept the guests bring the own bottle of alcohol they like, but we collect NTD 500 per bottle for cleaning charge.

  • Hire

    Part time job


    This regulation is suitable for those who want to work here with working permit in Taiwan.



    Basic level of Japanese language



    NTD 158 up (before 23:00)

    NTD 180 up (after 23:00)



    This regulation is suitable for those who want to work and stay in Taiwan without working permit.



    Basic level of Japanese language 



    No payment, no salary

    Free accommodation including utility bills

    Free meals for staffs